Meet Rigby

 Let's start with the basics – tell us a bit about yourself: 

Spaniel x Hound
Age: 10 months
Home town: Heybridge, Tasmania
Name when getting in trouble: Rigby James

Your best trick/move/command you can do?

We call it "Which hand?".
My parents think its fun to hide a treat in one of their hands without showing me, but I ALWAYS know what hand the treat is in!
(Its my beagle nose but don't tell them my secret)

Favourite place to walk?

I used to LOVE the beach but the birds wind me up too much and I run off, so my new favourite is the football oval or the dog park so I can spaz with other doggo's!

What do you spend most of your time doing?

Going absolutely CRAZY - I love running and playing fetch but I don't like giving the ball back. It is MY ball after all!

Are you a lap dog or a too-busy-cutting-laps dog?

I think by now you are getting to know me. So yep, you guessed it - I cut laps all day every day. Apart from at bed time. Then nothing beats getting under mum and dads blanket and snuggling with them both.

The biggest mess you’ve ever made?

I used to have to have the most comfy bed. It was like sleeping on a cloud. Like, you have no idea. Anyway one day I saw some ducks and worked myself up into a frenzy and then ripped it to shreds. It was so much fun.

One thing you couldn't live without?

My mum. And my Tasty Mother Puppers treats. I cant get enough!

What is your idea of a paw-fect day?


And lastly, if you could talk, what would you say to your owners?

Lets go for a run and never stop! We could run and run and run, then, when we don't want to run anymore we could get under the biggest blanket and sleep. Let's do that on repeat. Also stop going to work and spend more time with me, I miss you when you leave xoxox