Meet Cinnamon & Gelato


 Let's start with the basics – tell us a bit about yourselves: 
Breed: Cavoodles
1 and 2 (Cinni/Gelly)
Home town:
Name when getting in trouble:
CinniMonster or Devilpuppers 

Your best trick/move/command you can do?

We have trained our humans to give us treats when we go to the toilet. Hehe and Cinnamon can hold over 6 socks in his mouth at once.

(Also fun fact. We helped our dad propose to mum!) 


Favourite place to walk?

We love running around our local enclosed dog park. It's always just us so we get the place to ourselves! 

What do you spend most of your time doing?

Sleeping. We sleep so much. 


Are you lap dogs or a too-busy-cutting-laps dogs?

Lap dogs. We MUST be on top of our humans the second they sit anywhere. 

The biggest mess you’ve ever made?

One time as puppies we got into the bathroom and covered the entire lounge room with toilet paper. It was so nice but the humans didn't appreciate our hard work. 

One thing you couldn't live without?

Cinnamon couldn't live without his cookie toy. He would trade the entire family for his cookie toy if he had to.

Gelato couldn't live without our pawrents. He is obsessed with them. He is a stage 5-clinger. But he also has a teddy he loves that we call 'boyfriend teddy' cause he always gives him kisses.

What is your idea of a paw-fect day?

A trip to the dog park followed by a egg and chicken breakfast then snooze using our humans as beds. Then off to our doggy daycare to play with our friends. Then home to eat some delicious snacks and another snooze with the humans.


And lastly, if you could talk, what would you say to your owners?

We love you but stop cuddling us all the time. You're smothering us. Just sit on the couch so we can use you as beds and feed us treats.