Meet Chilli


 Let's start with the basics – tell us a bit about yourself: 
Breed: Cavoodle
1.5 years
Home town:
Mornington Peninsula
Name when getting in trouble:

Your best trick/move/command you can do?

Pretending I'm deaf so I can do whatever I want.

Favourite place to walk?

The beach but I also love sprinting after birds at the dog park too. 

What do you spend most of your time doing?

Catching Z's. 

Most days when mum and dad leave to go to work, I will get up to say goodbye and then I will sneak back onto their bed and sleep until they get home. 


Are you a lap dog or a too-busy-cutting-laps dog?

Full time chill pup unless you have a ball or I can see birds - then I will run until I collapse.

The biggest mess you’ve ever made?

Every now and then, I love playing ‘hide the nugget’ from my paw rents.

Also, this one time I spewed on the couch they had just cleaned (they were selling it later that week). 

One thing you couldn't live without?

Balls, sticks & snugs are life.

Oh and bacon! Can't forget about the bacon. 

What is your idea of a paw-fect day?

A sleep-in with mum and dad, bacon for breaky, sun baking, beach hangs and catch ups with my bro Bentley.

And lastly, if you could talk, what would you say to your owners?

Can you please throw the ball for me.

Please stop picking me up. Are you going to eat all of that?

When are uncle Lyndon and auntie Amy bringing me more mother puppin' snacks?

Can you please buy me some more tennis balls so I can rip off the furry stuff on it?

Oh and please stop dressing me up in stupid costumes.  Thanks.