Meet Aramis


 Let's start with the basics – tell us a bit about yourself: 

Belgian Shepherd - Malinois (like my brother Porthos)
I also have an older brother (a bit of a grump!) called Conner who's a Belgian Tervuren and a cute kitty sister called Arya - she thinks she runs the joint!

7 (mid July) 
To be honest, we're not too sure when I was born as I was rescued from the pound in Walgett (Northern NSW) when I was only a tiny pup along with my 2 siblings but this was the vet's best guesstimate.
Home town:
Sydney but we live 40km from the CBD and I think I'm a country girl at heart!
Name when getting in trouble:
Me? "I'm a good girl I am" and never get in trouble...
It's always my brother who starts the mayhem! I have special names like "Mimi" or "Mimi Bear" when mummy loses her mind and baby talks to me!

Your best trick/move/command you can do?

In true "Maligator" style my favourite pose is the upside down with a thumping tail (don't get in the way - the cat learnt this quickly!). This means I want belly rubs now! No one taught me this trick as "I was born this way"!

Mum's been a bit slack of late and we haven't practiced many new tricks but wait until our lawn dries up and we'll be back in action! I am very good at High Five and providing the grass is dry and mowed, you could motivate me to do a rollover with the right treat waiting for me at the end...

I used to do this great combo: "sit, lie down, crawl and then roll over" but I need to lose those extra covid kilos first!

Another favourite of mine are the weaves where I go in and around mum's legs but between you and me, she's a bit short so this makes it extra difficult...

Favourite place to walk?

I would go walking with mum anywhere, anytime. Even picking up the mail 250m up our steep driveway is fun though maybe not quite satisfying :)
We're lucky that our backyard borders the Australian bush so we can go for hikes where we don't have to stop to cross streets and meet too many people or other dogs. 
On a lucky day, we'll spot a brush turkey or a rabbit but mum always keeps me on a leash as she says I can't be trusted to "leave it!". She could be right ...

What do you spend most of your time doing?

When my services as "Head of Security" are not required, I love napping on my bed in the sun next to my brother Porthos. I also love rumbling with him first thing in the morning when mum's trying to get up!

I also love playing with our kitty sister Arya, her whole head fits in my mouth but mum tells me I can be a bit rough.. I don't see it myself!

Are you a lap dog or a too-busy-cutting-laps dog?

I am extremely versatile and can do both! It's hard to be a lap dog when you're 30kg and your brother always steals the top spot on the couch.

It's tough to be one of four furkids but occasionally I manage to squeeze in for a special cuddle and will snore very loudly whilst mum is trying to watch TV!

If mum's feeling active, I can easily walk for hours providing there's water and snacks on hand!

The biggest mess you’ve ever made?

I am a lady so I don't usually talk about those things...

I have a penchant for licking empty containers, pans, plates as our pawrents cook some great food. I especially love their Bolognese Ragu cooked in a huge pot which fits my whole head and I may have walked away covered in sauce...

I also do my bit for the environment and to help save water, I provide a full "Pre-Rinse Cycle" service. 

One thing you couldn't live without?

I love my brother Porthos. We were separated when we were pups, I was adopted by another family when I was about 6 months old for about 18 months but it did not work out for me there and they brought me back to the shelter. My brother Porthos was adopted by mum a month later and it was pure luck that mum spotted my profile 18 months later on Facebook and thought I looked very familiar. She decided that we should be reunited but had to convince Dad that having 3 Belgian Shepherds was a good idea...

I was a bit unsure at first. Was this family going to be my fur-ever after or would they give up on me? Mum certainly did not know what she was in for with two boisterous Malinois but it all worked out great!

What is your idea of a paw-fect day?

Definitely a warm sunny day (I don't do rain or cold) when mum grabs my leash and harness. I know I'm in for a great day as soon as she puts on this thing called 'active wear' and some colourful shoes! I like that she's learnt that I love to stop and sniff every post, bush or blade of grass for the first 20 minutes. 

We have to step it up after that because apparently she has to get back to do this thing, called "work"?


And lastly, if you could talk, what would you say to your owners?

No thanks, I don't need a bath today or ever! I don't think mum has any idea how much effort is required to achieve this amazing scent that is uniquely mine. There she is, scrubbing it all off again and spritzing me with herbal essences on top of that! 

Mum, I love that you decided to launch your own dog educational platform (Australian Dog Lover) in order to be a stay-at-home dog mum for all of us and that you prefer hanging out with us than anybody else! :)

(Don't tell Mum, but Dad gives the best head and ear scratches ...)