About us

tasty mother puppers
Our names are Amy & Lyndon and we are a young(ish) couple hailing from the Yarra Valley in Victoria. We have always been batshit crazy about dogs and love everything about them, even just being near one makes us giddy. We’ve always been around dogs in some way, whether that’s having them as our brothers/sisters in the family home or (now) with a bunch of furry nieces, nephews, neighbours and friends. Unfortunately, life has gotten in the way of us looking after a dog of our own (we caught the damn travel bug as well) but his hasn’t stopped our absolute love for all things canine.  
So, due to the oh-so-lovely COVID-19 and us settling into iso-life, we wanted to touch base with one of our loves in life – doggosdoggy's, canines, dogs, bestest buds, best friends etc... 
We also love food. REALLY love food. Hey, you can have multiple loves in life!  
We don’t like to call ourselves ‘foodies’ because that sounds snobby and a little pretentious. But yeah... we're pretty close. A good night out to us is a bloody good meal. Nothing fancy, just good food. Even when we plan our holidays and travel, majority of it was based around food and eating in certain places. And if food wasn’t the reason we travelled somewhere, it was always the first thing we looked up when we arrived.  
This is why we decided to create ‘Tasty Mother Puppers’. The delightful amalgamation of two of our favourite things. Dogs and food. Not literal, we don’t put any dogs in our food. It’s more the opposite, we put the food in dogs. 
Hmmm... still sounds wrong. 
We make food for dogs. Better. 
Why we started this idea: 
As with a lot of people, we suddenly lost what work we had at the beginning of 2020 due to Covid-19. We had a lot of time to sit around the house and think about what we wanted to do while searching online for jobs.  
Starting our own business has always been a dream of ours but we have never been able to come up with a sound idea to get us started. We wanted to start something we would actually enjoy and take pride in.  
We knew we were on the right track after coming up with Tasty Mother Puppers because neither of us could stop talking about it for weeks after.  
Working from home, we put in the hours to design and produce our dream product. Within two weeks we had a pretty good idea of what we were doing. Within three months we were up and running.  
So why dog treats? 
Most people who know us would probably think “why dog treats?”. 
We have no formal training in business and/or pets. We are not veterinarians or dietitians.  
However, we have worked hard studying the dog food industry in order to provide us with all the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions.  
There are very few regulations and restrictions on dog foods within Australia which is a good thing for us because we do not need to get a heap of certificates and licenses in order to make our treats. But it's also a bad thing because there are not many rules for business’s or companies to follow regarding what you can and can’t put in dog's food.  
We have a lot of dogs within our family and we would do absolutely anything for them. We wanted to create a special treat for them, knowing that it is a safe and healthy option but most importantly, that it was something that still tasted delicious to them.  
How many times have you gone to the pet shop, supermarket or looked online at dog treats only to find the same things over and over again? Meat based biscuits, meat jerkies, bones and dental chews. Hundreds of brands churning out practically the same products. Not to mention the amount of ingredients they have in them. Some of them you can’t even pronounce.  
Well we thought it was about time to bring a different option to the table.
After all, bitches love cake. 
We have created healthy and delicious treat options made entirely of human grade ingredients. Not just any ingredients though. Ingredients that benefit your dog in some way, shape or form. Everything inside has a purpose and we pride ourselves on making them as delicious as human cakes.