What the heck does grain-free mean?

Multiple whole grains
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Apart from the obvious answer being the item contains zero grains, a lot of people out there don't really understand what grain-free means in regards to their dogs food.

Its splashed all over pet foods labels so we're going to explain what it's all about. 

Grains are known to be one of the biggest allergens for dogs in their foods. They will mainly affect the skin causing it to become red, dry, irritated and itchy but can also cause inflammation in your doggo's ears, eyes and paws. 

Pet food brands have been known to use grains in their foods as they are a cheap 'filler' to replace the more expensive and nutritious elements (ie meat, proteins, vegetables, healthy fats). The cheaper the dog food is, the more likely its packed full of these filler grains. 

However, not all grains are bad and if used in moderation, they can actually benefit your dog (providing they have no allergies). 

These days, it has become a popular movement for dog food manufacturers to remove grains from their products, focusing on providing a more nutritious and well-rounded food option for our dogs.

In most cases, however, what you will find with grain-free options is that they come with a higher price tag as they contain more of the good stuff. Higher quality products including higher-quality produce are always going to cost a little extra. 

Grain-free products can be easier for your dog to digest and therefore easier on their tummy's and digestive tract. Plus, they can also assist with maintaining a healthy weight as nutrient-poor carbohydrates are reduced. 

Our best advice is to just make sure you are feeding your dog a balanced diet. Ensure that the food you are giving them is providing them with the nutrients and energy that they require. Also, a lot of TLC goes a long way with our furry friends.