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What the heck does grain-free mean?

Photo credit: Pinterest Apart from the obvious answer being the item contains zero grains, a lot of people out there don't really understand what grain-free means in regards to their dogs food. Its splashed all over pet foods labels so we're going to explain what it's all about. Grains are known to be one of the biggest allergens for dogs in their foods. They will mainly affect the skin causing it to become red, dry, irritated and itchy but can also cause inflammation in your doggo's ears, eyes and paws.  Pet food brands have been known to use grains in their foods as they are a cheap 'filler' to replace the more expensive and nutritious elements (ie meat, proteins, vegetables, healthy fats). The cheaper the...

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Are dog treats actually healthy?

If you're looking at this page, chances are you absolutely love your dog and want to give them the best life by spoiling them rotten with lots of walks, hugs and treats. Now, we all know hugs are great mentally and walks are great physically but are dog treats actually healthy for your canine friend? It's a fairly simple question and we think it deserves a fairly simple answer: Yes they are and they bloody well should be healthy. We don't want to be naming names but we're not a fan of the big 'ole companies products that are bought and sold in supermarkets throughout Australia. They have all sorts of additives, enhancers, flavourings and preservatives as well as a huge amount of...

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