The benefits of our ingredients

Everything we use in our products has been chosen for a purpose. Dogs can benefit greatly from eating whole foods, as long as its in moderation.

elow is a list of the main ingredients we use in our DIY doggy cupcakes and the wonderful roles they play in our doggies little bodies. 


Almond Flour: 

  • High in plant-based protein 
  • Gluten-free 
  • Grain-free 
  • Low in carbohydrates 
  • Good source of macronutrients  
  • Cholesterol free 
  • Contains vitamin E, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc & potassium 

Chickpea flour: 

  • Gluten-free  
  • High in plant-based protein and fibre 
  • Low in carbohydrates 
  • Contains Vitamin B6, B9 (folate), iron, manganese, magnesium, potassium, selenium and zinc 



  • High-quality protein  
  • High in vitamin B5 and vitamin B9 
  • An excellent source of soluble fibre - helps regulate digestion and eliminate gassiness 
  • It increases the production of red blood cells and your dog’s circulatory system 
  • Helps process fats in your dog’s body 
  • Good for dogs skin and fur 


  • Help freshen breath 
  • Contain Vitamin A & C 
  • High in soluble fibre aiding digestion  
  • Low in fat and calories 
  • Contains antioxidants to help with eyesight, bone development, immune system, chronic diseases, skin & coat



  • Potassium - a mineral which helps to strengthen bones and allows for better absorption of calcium. In addition, it strengthens blood vessels and tones muscles
  • Vitamin B6 holds a strong anti-inflammatory function and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. It also regulates the function of red blood cells
  • Vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and helps to keep blood pressure levels stable
  • Natural probiotics help to regulate a healthy digestive system
  • Contain natural sugars which help to provide healthy energy



  • Rich in fibre 
  • High nutrient content 
  • Vitamin A helps maintain the immune system and vision 
  • Vitamin C is a cofactor for enzymatic reactions and collagen synthesis 
  • Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant and enzymatic activity regulator 
  • Alpha-carotene is an antioxidant that prevents damage to cells 
  • Calcium mineralizes bone and teeth 
  • Iron contributes to red blood cell and haemoglobin production 
  • Lutein supports the health of the eyes, skin, and coat



  • High in protein 
  • Improved skin and coat health 
  • Stronger teeth and bones 
  • Rich in many essential amino and fatty acids 
  • Contains vitamins A & B12, folate, iron, selenium & riboflavin 


  • High in soluble fibre 
  • Contains vitamin A, promoting excellent eye health, strengthens dog’s immune systems and supports coat and skin health 
  • Low in fat and calories


Peanut Butter: 

  • Contains natural fatty acids and antioxidants, such as Omega 3 and Omega 9 helping to prevent cell damage and cardiovascular problems
  • Peanuts also contain vitamin E, vitamin B, folic acid & manganese. These essential nutrients are required to help strengthen the immune system and encourage muscle development of dogs


  • A probiotic which assists the digestive system 
  • High in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, proteins and different groups of B vitamins which are thought to have the potential to stimulate growth and development in a dog


  • Contains vitamins A, B & D  
  • Calcium, magnesium, iron & potassium
  • Good source of fibre and protein for dogs  
  • Contains pectin which helps to flush toxins from the body 


Coconut oil: 

  • Improves skin and coat
  • Improve digestion and boosts the immune system 
  • Can reduce allergic reactions 
  • Increase energy levels 
  • Assists in weight loss - High in saturated fats which are broken down immediately for use rather than stored  
  • Reduces the ageing of the brain



  • Freshens dogs breath 
  • Improves the health of blood cells 
  • Contains vitamin K along with healthy amounts of vitamins C & A and iron 
  • Powerful diuretic helping with waste removal and has anti-inflammatory properties



  • Anti-inflammatory  
  • Antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal benefits 
  • Promotes heart and liver health 
  • Promotes digestive health 
  • Antioxidant properties which can help prevent certain cancers and relieve pain 



  • A natural source of energy containing natural sugars 
  • Rich in minerals - calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium & sodium
  • It contains vitamin C and some types of B vitamins
  • Honey can have a calming effect and is known its for its diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic and antibacterial healing properties 



  • Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties 
  • Has a high fibre content and an anti-inflammatory action which helps improve intestinal transit, preventing vomiting and constipation 
  • Prevent degenerative diseases 
  • Can relieve the symptoms of arthritis 
  • Strengthens the immune system 
  • Improves physical resistance and is beneficial in strengthening the bone structure of dogs
  • Stimulates blood circulation and prevents the formation of blood clots