Are dog treats actually healthy?

If you're looking at this page, chances are you absolutely love your dog and want to give them the best life by spoiling them rotten with lots of walks, hugs and treats.

Now, we all know hugs are great mentally and walks are great physically but are dog treats actually healthy for your canine friend?

It's a fairly simple question and we think it deserves a fairly simple answer:
Yes they are and they bloody well should be healthy.

We don't want to be naming names but we're not a fan of the big 'ole companies products that are bought and sold in supermarkets throughout Australia. They have all sorts of additives, enhancers, flavourings and preservatives as well as a huge amount of salt in them.

Don't get us wrong, your dog can eat those and if your a using the treats as just that - a treat - then your dog will most likely be fine. But, if you're like us and absolutely love spoiling your doggies then those treats will be gone in a couple of weeks! This is where the build up of chemicals in the treats can be a big no-no for your pet.

You should be feeding your dog with the same sort of food you would consider healthy for yourself, even more so as they don't have a choice!

We consider healthy food something that will benefit your pooch in some way; clean breath, strong bones, shiny coat, strong muscles etc. We have already gone over the benefits of the ingredients we use as well as what your dog can/can't eat so we won't be listing everything here but we bet you'll be surprised at some ingredients they can't eat!

This is where the smaller businesses (hey, that's us!) shine through. The smaller, more boutique businesses usually place their love for animals over profit and spend a lot more time mulling over what should and shouldn't go inside the products. We have worked hard to create treats for dogs that are not only healthy but tasty as well. 

Every thing we sell is hand made by us with no added extra's (except lots of love).

We recommend you check what's inside your dog treats before you buy them. If it has words in the ingredients list you can't pronounce, chances are its probably not very good for them. 

So for a very long winded answer to a simple question - yes, dog treats can be healthy if you choose to buy them from a reputable business who actually care about their product and who their selling to rather than looking at the bottom dollar. Usually - not always - but usually, it is the smaller businesses. 

Next time your shopping, have a look around see what smaller local businesses are doing. Have a look at the ingredients list and make sure you know whats inside before you buy. Your dogs will love you, their insides will love you, and you will love you for putting your doggy first.

Say hi to your dogs for us!

Amy & Lyndon